Dena and Kristin Authors of Unpuzzling Spirituality

About Dena

Dena Mercer’s favorite place to be is outdoors. It’s in nature that she feels the most happy and the most peaceful. Her adventures there inspired her first book, Campfires Remembered. A retired educator, Dena can now spend time sailing off the southern California coast, reading a variety of genres which includes anything and everything on spirituality, and continuing to explore the mountains and high desert in her small RV. She maintains and nurtures a close relationship with her grown daughter and lives happily in Ventura, California with her cattle dog mix, Jack.


About Kristin

By “day,” Kristin is the lead designer at Unscribbled, Inc. – web and graphic design firm dedicated to creating solutions to help make your dreams come true. By “night,” she is an avid reader on spirituality, a closet writer (her first book is Unscribbling: the Art of Problem Solving and Fulfilling Your Desires), is not a bad bocce player (well, not all the time), and “The Squirrel” at She currently lives happily in Buellton, CA with her husband, Chris, and her dog, Boonabean.


What is spirituality? How does spirituality relate to my life? How do I develop spiritual beliefs? How can I use my spiritual beliefs in my every day life? What is death?

Exploring your spirituality is a journey that can help you to figure out who you are, who you can be, how you fit into the world, and how you can make a difference in the world around you. But, understanding your spirituality can sometimes feel like you are putting together a puzzle without a picture to guide you. Unpuzzling Spirituality helps the reader put together the many spiritual puzzle-pieces to help create a big, happy, peaceful, purposeful, and loving life.

Let’s unpuzzle your spirituality together...

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